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Occupancy rating

Mnemonic reference (code): OCCUPANCY RATING

Type: Derived variable

Definition: Occupancy rating provides a measure of whether a household’s accommodation is overcrowded or under-occupied and gives an indication of how many households may be living in overcrowded conditions.

The occupancy rating of a household is calculated by subtracting the notional number of rooms required from the actual number of rooms (ROOMS).


Mnemonic reference (code): OCC

Type: Primary variable

Definition: A person's occupation relates to their main job and is derived from either their job title or details of the activities involved in their job. This is used to assign responses to an occupation code based on the Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC2010).

Applicability: Person


The act of taking the information provided on paper and from online questionnaires through an established set of procedures to produce the census results for publication.


The statistics produced from the census are referred to as outputs. Outputs are presented in a variety of formats such as tables, graphs and charts and are available in electronic and paper formats. The results can be compared across different areas of Scotland, with other parts of the UK and also to previous censuses.


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