Scotland’s Census 2011 General Report

National Records of Scotland have today published Scotland’s Census 2011 General Report  and it has been laid before the Scottish Parliament.  This document reviews the entire 2011 Census operation from the early planning and consultation through to the production and dissemination of outputs and evaluation.  It provides a wealth of detail about how Scotland’s Census 2011 was carried out and what we have learned to take forward in our planning for the next census.   

It reports on the successes as well as challenges and lessons to be learned for the census operation in the future.  The main findings are summarised in themes:

  • programme management
  • legislation and the parliamentary process
  • stakeholder management
  • the census coverage survey
  • data collection and field operation
  • data processing and statistical methodology
  • output content production and dissemination

Registrar General, Tim Ellis adds:

“I hope that both the experienced and occasional user of census data, as well as the wider public, find it interesting.”

We would welcome any views and feedback about the report and Scotland’s Census 2011 which we can take into account as we plan for Scotland’s Census 2021 :