People limited by a long-term health problem or disability, number in household

Mnemonic reference (code): ILLHUK11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: A long-term health problem or disability is one that limits a person's day-to-day activities and has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months. This includes problems that are related to old age. People were asked to assess whether their daily activities were limited a lot or a little by such a health problem, or whether their daily activities were not limited at all.

Applicability: Household

Occupancy status

Mnemonic reference (code): OCCUPANCY STATUS

Type: Derived variable

Definition: This variable provides information as to whether an unoccupied household space is a second or holiday home or is a vacant household space.  It is based on information provided by the enumerator, and also information on the household questionnaire. The enumerator is not asked to differentiate between second homes and holiday homes so they cannot be distinguished in output.

Marital and civil partnership status

Mnemonic (reference code): MARSTAT

Type: Primary variable

Definition: Marital and civil partnership status classifies an individual according to their legal marital or registered same-sex civil partnership status as at 27th March 2011. This topic was included in the 2001 Census but it has to be revised in order to take account of registered same-sex partnerships after the adoption of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

Applicability: Person


Occupancy rating

Mnemonic reference (code): OCCUPANCY RATING

Type: Derived variable

Definition: Occupancy rating provides a measure of whether a household’s accommodation is overcrowded or under-occupied and gives an indication of how many households may be living in overcrowded conditions.

The occupancy rating of a household is calculated by subtracting the notional number of rooms required from the actual number of rooms (ROOMS).


Mnemonic reference (code): OCC

Type: Primary variable

Definition: A person's occupation relates to their main job and is derived from either their job title or details of the activities involved in their job. This is used to assign responses to an occupation code based on the Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC2010).

Applicability: Person

National identity

Mnemonic (reference code):  NATID

Type: Derived variable

Definition: A person’s national identity is a self-determined assessment of their own identity with respect to the country or countries with which they feel an affiliation. This assessment of identity is not dependent on legal nationality or ethnic group.

Applicability: Person


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