Statistical disclosure control

While most Census outputs take the form of statistical counts, there is a risk that information about an individual person could be deduced from Census outputs. For example, if everybody in a particular geographic area was aged under 50 apart from one old-age pensioner living in a single person household, a cross-tabulation of age and general health would reveal the response of that pensioner to the Census question on general health.


The census is a ‘snapshot’ of Scotland as it gathers population details at a particular point in time (27 March 2011).

Sheltered accommodation

Sheltered accommodation is usually regarded as a residential establishment where the manager is responsible for making sure that census questionnaires are filled in by the people who live there. However, if half or more of the residents have their own cooking facilities then each unit is treated as a separate household.


The Scots Language Centre defines Scots as the collective name for Scottish dialects known also as 'Doric', 'Lallans' and 'Scotch' or by more local names for example 'Buchan', 'Dundonian', 'Glesca' or 'Shetland'.


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