Electoral Ward 2007

In Scotland, each Council area contains a number of electoral wards. The voters in each of these electoral wards elect councillors to the local council. Prior to 2007 each electoral ward elected a single councillor (a single-member ward) to the local council. In 2007, with the introduction of proportional representation, the number of wards was reduced and each electoral ward now elects either 3 or 4 councillors (multi-member wards).

Community Health Partnership 2012

Community Health Partnerships (CHPs) were introduced in 2006 as a second tier of health administration in Scotland. CHPs play a key role in improving health and reducing inequalities, working with local communities and other statutory and voluntary sector providers. They report to the Scottish Health Boards

Community Health Partnership Sub Areas are sub-divisions of Community Health Partnerships.

Health Board Area 2006

The 14 Health Board Areas (HBAs) are responsible for local health care in Scotland.

They report to the Scottish Government and are based on groups of the local government districts that existed before the introduction of council areas in 1996. This means that although most HBs cover one or more complete council areas, there are cases where council areas are split.

Migrant indicator

Mnemonic reference (code): MIGPUK11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: A classification of people based on the difference between their census enumeration address and their address one year prior to the census. It provides an indicator of the movement of people within the UK, and also of those who have migrated into the UK from abroad, in the year prior to the census.

Applicability: Person



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