Carers in household with economic activity

Variable name: Carers in household with economic activity

Mnemonic reference (code): CEAHS11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: A person is a provider of unpaid care if they look after or give help or support to family members, friends or neighbours because of long-term physical or mental ill health or disability, or problems related to old age. This does not include any activities as part of paid employment.

Employment status

Mnemonic reference (code): EMPSTAT

Type: Primary variable

Definition: Indicates whether a person is an employee, self-employed without employees or self-employed with employees.

Applicability: Person


Family reference person

Mnemonic reference (code): FRPPUK11

Type: Derived variable


A Family Reference Person (FRP) identifies the person who is the reference person for a family in statistics relating to families in households. He/she is identified by criteria based on the family make up.

In a lone parent family it is taken to be the lone parent.

Concealed families

Variable name: Concealed families

Mnemonic reference (code): CONCEALEDS

Type: Derived variable

Definition: In a household with more than one family, a concealed family is one that does not include the Household Reference Person (HRP).

An example of this is shown below:

George and Amy live at the same address as their daughter Emily and her husband and daughter. Because Emily is not a dependent child and has her own family, there are two families in this household.


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